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Sat Jul 13, 2024, 1:34 am
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Fri Aug 29, 2014, 10:55 pm

This is Axyd from AR TWIN.
I might know some of you in here, and completely agree that lower tier servers are getting kittened right up the kitten by ANET, the least they could do is buy us dinner (ex.. give more wvw tournament stuff to lower tier servers that are no doubt going to get their kitten handed to them in new season).
The fact that a useless tool such as Josh has any say in the changes proves just how kittened up ANET is by listening to people who don’t know a kittening thing about how non-stacked servers are suffering right now.
Just a few hours ago i had a massive spat in my guild about trying to stay motivated for new season and get some practice on friday night resets at the least and couple times a week with smaller groups.
I tried to motivate myself to do server reset night to get some practice, first thing i noticed was Anvil Rock was outmanned from minute 0 of reset.
Twice Anvil Rock tried to take SM, twice we almost had it, twice we got wiped for being out manned and not standing a chance vs SF zergs, and not talking slightly outmanned either, talking like 3+ times our numbers.
This is just a miniscule example of how kittened the WvW system is.
I used to do wvw daily for at least 1 hour to help the server, but usually ended on multiple wipes while being outmanned, after couple months of this i stopped all together, having no motivation left to help the server, as they will just end up being bottom tier permanently and barely have any people to do anything.
Anvil Rock spiked to mid-tier and i was part of that in [CRIT], used to love the fights and feeling like i was helping the server.
Well after a lot of guilds went to “better” servers the crash soon took place.
Then season 2 we got couple of guilds in and were no longer last in rankings, season 2 ends and guilds left, yet again Anvil Rock got kitten on.
What burns me the most though is ANET thinking they are doing a good job at managing Guild Wars.
I got over 3K hours and haven’t had a single precursor drop, my guild leader with over 6k hours and no precursor has seen his inventory until i got spark from forging in the mystic piece of kitten forge, i gave it to him in the hopes he would keep motivated to continue to lead us, because once he leaves the guild is done.
I ask you what the kitten have you done to ACTUALLY improve the game?
Because all i see is horse kitten after horse kitten (ex…Silver salvage-o-matic) being put into the game and being called good.
I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart, you need to get your kitten back together and actually start giving 2 kittens about the player base that feeds you.
Stop the wvw tournament all together until you get the kittening wvw system ACTUALLY fixed.
Start merging low population servers so they actually have a chance vs stacked ones.
Fix the garbage RNG loot drop system.
Fire all the idiots making kitten decisions and sinking the game. (ex… a free precursor for china players, now you just kittening insulting me while spitting on my face and asking for my money to support a broken system)
And yes i did support the sales, bought 5 character slots and minor outfits
You can see i spent couple hundred $$ supporting the game, and what say do i have in the direction the game is heading?
None, this will surely be my 3rd strike on forums and highly doubt anyone from ANET/NCSOFT will listen to any feedback i give.
But as i care a lot more about the game than sucking it up and let broken be broken, i felt i just needed to call you on your bullkitten.
Get your kitten together, thats all i ask.
Sincerely Axyd and a LOT more players that know the game is broken but dare not say it.
Axyd — [TWIN]


Good for you, Axyd! Hopefully Anet listens.

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